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Create Opportunities and Conditions Along With Promoting Technology Application: By Mohammed Aslam, Minister of National Housing and Environment Ministry of Maldives

Date: Aug 10, 2010      Source: IEEPA      

[Preface] Response to climate change is by no means a hindrance to development. New challenge means a need to seek solution. Furthermore, we need to seek opportunities like technological development and economic development.

Green development is not hindrance, but a new opportunity for social development. Where is the opportunity? We need support of politicians. Therefore, Maldives announced its 2020 Carbon Neutral target, which is designed to create such opportunities.

In the beginning, the political proposal in favor of new energy technology met with many hindrances. It is natural because people will not accept new technology until it can truly bring benefit to them. In order to achieve acceptance, it is imperative to display more green energy technologies, and lower their application costs at the same time.

In order to transform development mode, achieve green development, three jobs need to be considered: political willingness, technology and financial support. Many willing countries have existing new technology, which saves our efforts to research and development. What we need now is to obtain such technologies and to apply them.

Humanity has the capacity to change their life. If the countries in the globe perform their commitment, and make joint efforts to respond to the climate change, we will win in the future.

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