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Vigorously Push Forward the Development of Low Carbon Cities Wang Xia: Vice Mayor of Wudalianchi city, Heilongjiang province

Date: Aug 10, 2010      Source: IEEPA      

As far as I'm concerned, low carbon economy shall possess following features: low investment, high yield, low energy consumption and high benefit. Today, I'm honored to participate in the meeting as a deputy of one of the local governments, and give you brief introduction of the activities and measures of Wudalianchi city. The temperature of Wudalianchi city today is even higher than that lowest in Beijing. There are over 20 degrees gap between Beijing and Wudalianchi, under which I truly feel uncomfortable for several days. However, when I think about innumerous endurance peoples all over the world have to experience under extreme climate conditions like high temperature, scorching, flood and storm wind, I can feel the grand significance the conference will bring us.

I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce our practices on the development of low carbon economy. After listening to the lectures given by experts, leaders, I think I have truly gained deep enlightenment and instruction. Here I want to mention Chairman Wang Maolin, his leture "the concept of low carbon and environmental protection shall be shown in urban planning, construction and management" is more instructive, which will be definitely adopted in our future work.

Located in the Small Xing'an Mountains, southern part of Heilongjiang province, Wudalianchi city won the title of "World Class Geological Park" on its volcanic regions. We are well aware of the relationship between environment and resource, conditions between matters and regional development, and have established development strategy with ecological consciousness, unswervingly adhered to the road of sustainable development, positively pushed forward ecological and environmental protection, vigorously developed energy conservation and environmental protection industry, and boosted the healthy development on the economy and society. At the same time, our city has won the titles of "Ecological City Well Suitable for Health Care, Livability in North China, Top 20 Middle and Small-Sized Cities with Most Investment Potential, Century County of County-level Economy in China, and Brand-Driven Tour City" and so on.

We have actively pushed forward ecological protection and improved constantly ecological environment. In the past, Wudalianchi was an important timber processing base in China. Recently, we have intensified protection in ecological environment, especially for forest, swamp and grassland. In 2002, we cultured 110,000 Mu of forests, finished returning 1,900 Mu of farmlands back to grasslands. We have established one national wetland natural reserves and one provincial natural reserve in administrative region. The forest covered area in the city came to 32%,timber growing stock reached 6.45 million cubic meter. In recent years, by way of accumulative investment of multi-million Yuan, we have established sewage treatment plants,garbage disposal plants and mineral water mills. Our city has become the first mineral water city in Asia, and the second one in the globe. We have vigorously developed energy conservation environmental protection industry, which improved steadily ecological effect. We have developed agriculture with ecological effect,pushed forward new energy utilization like water-saving irrigation and methane, vigorous enhanced planting and cultivation of green and non-hazard products. At the same time, we have established 150,000 Mu of pilot areas in 20 places, with afforestation area of 150,000 Mu. In terms of trade and investment promotion, we placed strict inhibition on the industries with heavy pollution and high energy consumption. Our investment attraction is not all-inclusive despite it occupied small proportions.

Therefore, we shall exert our resource advantage, positively develop agricultural and forestry products, process mineral water products. As one of the three largest cold springs in the world, Wudalianchi mineral water occupied certain market shares as a result of high health care effect. we have vigorously developed clean energy industry, introduced 600 million Yuan wind energy project investment.

In the future, we will continue to enhance the concept of ecological priority, and never develop economy at the expense of environment, and keep on developing green agriculture,clean energy and tour industries and so on. We will build gradually Wudalianchi into mineral water development base and volcanic ecological tourism service base covering Heilongjiang province, or even China as a whole. We will attach equal importance to economic development and environmental protection, achieve harmonious development between economy and society, human and nature, make efforts to provide future generations with green mountain and blue water.

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