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Attach Importance to the Quality and Process, Avoid Low-Carbon Trap Liang Benfan, Director of Social and Environmental Research Office, Urban Development and Environmental Research Center, Chinese Academy of Social Science

Date: Aug 10, 2010      Source: IEEPA      

Low carbon development in urban area shall not only make contribution to the carbon reduction and emission, but also be conducive to economic and enterprise developments, benefit local people's livelihood. We shall not develop low carbon economy at the expense of other objects. In the broad sense, there are no essential differences between green, low carbon, environmental protection and ecology, whose common goal is in pursuit of better homeland. However, there are distinct difference between them as a scientific notion, operability notion, and exists competition for great benefit. 

1. Different starting point on the concept between low carbon and green.

The low carbon problem is global. When the Earth's environment is damaged, which in turn affects everyone therein. While the starting point of green concept is the industrial pollutants bring the damage to our living conditions.

2. Different objects

The object of low carbon research is to respond to climate change, which is an extensive notion; while the concept of green is concrete, visible, and is from daily life.

3. Different functions

Low carbon economy is aimed at protecting the whole earth and biosphere in extensive meaning; while green economy is at protecting people's health in narrow meaning.

4. Different benefit competition

Low carbon economy is to safeguard global benefit, while ecology and environmental protection are to safeguard regional benefit. It is more necessary to protect current regional benefit as for developing countries, where subsistence problem is yet solved, it is unrealistic to develop low carbon economy, and to assume more responsibility; while some developed countries did not assume responsibility and even fix the blame on developing countries. Therefore, there exists competition for great benefit, and shall be well recognized.

In the end, there are one fundamental point to be considered for low carbon urban planning, namely, quality is top priority.

We must consider cost and conditions when coping with the problem of low carbon, emission reduction, and handle it according to our abilities. We shall attach importance to the quality and process for low carbon planning, rather than push forward blindly.

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