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Creativity and High Productivity Are Valuable Criteria to Evaluate the City Development

Date: Aug 10, 2010      Source: IEEPA      

Urban development, as a matter of fact, is to make people become greatly efficient. The efficiency here is people-oriented, namely how does the city make people more innovative, how to get new ideas, whether the environment people dwelled in is conducive to bring such new ideas or innovations. The performance of mayors in various cities in the globe is judged by GDP, and GDP is virtually from whole city organizations, and further from people therein. Therefore, peoples are key performance index ("KPI"), which is also valuable to judge the performance of the mayors. The opportunity Chinese mayors are facing is to increase the value of KPI. The higher KPI, the higher GDP, because the city environment offered favorable conditions for such development. Take the British cities as an example, the value of GDP there are fairly high, and each person in a populous London gained higher return. The most important thing the mayor must consider is to make your city become a beautiful and comfortable place to live in. The definition of a good city is to make people creative and innovative, with high productivity. How to develop green economy in the city? Where do we start from? Green economy virtually serves as an important incentives for our job. We are now taking an active part in implementing future cooperation project between China and UK, which is a cooperative project binding both parties. Through the project, we has the possibility to possess green power-generating technology, and further push forward the green development in the city.

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