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Exert Overall Advantage, Complete Urban Projects

Date: Aug 10, 2010      Source: IEEPA      

We shall adopt favorable business mode, popularize advanced technology and apply quality products, gradually construct better city, better life on the basis of sound planning, said Shen Longhai, former Director of the Resource Conservation Comprehensive Utilization Department of the State Planning Committee, Economic Counselor of the Embassy Of The People's Republic of China in the USA, Chairman of Energy Conservation Steering Committee of IEEPA, Senior Advisor of Energy Research Institute of the National Development and Reform Commission

The details are shown as following:

1.Attach importance to the development of small and middle-sized cities

China is in the stage of rapid development of industrialization and urbanization. The city development, especially for small and middle-sized cities, shall consider not only economic factors, but ecological and environmental factors, make action plan on energy conservation and environmental protection, so as to achieve better city and better life.

2.Taking full consideration, push forward planning implementation

On the basis of sound planning, we shall make the best of local natural resource to implement energy conservation and environmental protection project in an overall, systematic way and on a regional level. Currently, many energy conservation projects in China are independent ones such as energy-saving projects in building, lighting and air conditioner. As a city, it is necessary to execute energy conservation planning overall and systematically.

3.How to implement it

In order to implement such projects, it is not enough to rely on scattered force, we shall mobilize the strength of government, enterprise and industry association. The project implementation is not only technical problem, but market operation mode. Currently, numerous domestic sound technologies on energy-saving, renewable energy and low carbon find no way to apply in a wide sense, of which the reason lies in lack of sound business operation mode.

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