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Yang Fuqiang: Senior Director of Climate Change and Energy Programme of WWF

Date: Aug 10, 2010      Source: IEEPA      

In the process of sustainable economic development, urban public administration, it is necessary for mayors and municipal governments to make several changes, shown as following: 1.    Shifts from material-oriented to put people first. Formerly, what we cared about is how many buildings we have constructed, how many roads we have built, and we usually paid little attention to people. We hope, in the process of urban construction, we can have more green areas, more parks, more schools, more sanitary facilities, more healthy systems, more public utilities, better walkway instead of well-established highways, only by this can we believe it is a well-inhabited area. 2.    We will shift from single thinking to brand-new thinking. Originally, we insist that city is an economic development center, and now, we insist it should be a city centered on low carbon and ecology. 3.    We shall change our layout. Layout focuses on the shift from single indicator to multiple ones, which cover four parts: (1) happiness index, namely put people first; (2) economic competitiveness index in the city; (3) ecological coverage index; (4) carbon coverage index. We shall be ready for layout change by consider all indices. 4.    We shall shift from visible work to invisible one. What we can see with our eyes is how many buildings or hotels are constructed, how many roads are built. However, we shall pay more attention to infrastructures, namely, what shall we develop water, electricity, oil and gas supplies, and future tri-network and smart grid into? How to improve these construction and management? For instance, some cities were submerged with flood disaster because their under-drainage systems were built only against one-year or two-year flood, which is not in line with the urban development. 5.    We shall change industrial development mode in the cities. We shall strengthen urban competitiveness by way of innovation, technology and education, attach importance to the brand effect, vigorously develop service industry and new and high-tech industry such as low carbon communication technology. 6.    We shall change the mode of energy supply from relying on ore energy to renewable energy. We shall make the best of renewable energies like solar energy, terrestrial heat, wind energy in construction field, and attach more importance to energy conservation than supply, and pay attention to the green building. We shall also show concern not only for enacting the policies, but implementing them, and implementing both central and local policies flexibly. 7.    We shall change the mode of viewing earth as finance. We shall adhere to diversified investment especially for encouraging private investment, and cancelling energy subsidy. 8.    We shall push forward rural development in a fair way. It is an important factor to appraise whether a city belongs to low carbon development type.

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