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Liu Yanhua, former Vice Minister of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Counselor of the State Council

Date: Aug 10, 2010      Source: IEEPA      

China shall adhere to develop in the direction of green economy. Actually, green economy means the combination of technology, policy and business modes and not either of them. At present, China is facing the task of environmental governance, and also has to keep pace with the international society. Therefore, we shall accelerate green development system. Energy is the core problem in the course of green development and response to climate change, and future solution to energy supply is to vigorously develop green energy. We shall consider environment governance while adhere to green development, make clear the labor division and responsibility between government and market, and support green development with government, business mode and technological innovation. There are three technology support systems for green development, namely circulation technology, low carbon technology and ecological technology. Besides, China shall establish its standard and further make it keep pace with the international standard. Simultaneously, we shall break down the low technical monopoly system which is protected by administrative means, and establish nationwide technology conversion mechanism and function.

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