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Scientific Understanding on National Conditions, Rational Treatment to Low Carbon

Date: Aug 10, 2010      Source: IEEPA      

As the largest developing country in the globe, China has become the largest greenhouse-gas emitter, and is facing outstanding energy environment problem. Therefore, how to conform to the world development trend, transform radically development mode, push forward resolutely energy conservation and emission reduction, adhere to low-carbon development, and establish society with ecological civilization, are the inevitable selection for China to reach sustainable development. However, China is still a developing country, the industrialization and urbanization are still underway. We shall accelerate the R&D of clean technology and new energy application, and combine the low-carbon economic object with long-term one.

To this end, 6 proposals shall be considered, shown as following:

1. Make it clear that transformation to low carbon economy is inevitable in China, sustainable-development-oriented energy-conservation and emission-reduction are optimal;

2. Make it clear that energy conservation and emission reduction are key to achieve low carbon development in China, and the government shall play a leading role in implementing them;

3. Make it clear that the biggest restraint from "high carbon" to "low carbon" in China is backward technology, and technological innovation are crucial to achieve low carbon economy;

4. Make it clear that there are many problems we face to develop low carbon economy, and we shall transform and upgrade traditional industries, foster emerging industry by low carbon technology and industry policy;

5. Cope with the relationship between low carbon strategy and economic development in a proper way. We shall neither limit economic development for the sake of performing low carbon commitment, nor block off the accomplishment of low carbon commitment for the sake of economic development. Therefore, we shall consider both factors, promote each other and develop each other;

6. We must take into full consideration countermeasures on protective trade measure like carbon tariff, avoiding unnecessary loss in the global economic game.

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