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Overall Consideration of the Concepts of Green Economy, Low Carbon Economy, Circular Economy, Ecological Economy, to Exert a Synergistic Effect

Date: Aug 10, 2010      Source: IEEPA      

In consideration of Chinese national conditions and current development phase of industrialization, we will face more severe challenges and more tough task than developed countries. Due to the accomplishment of industrialization process, developed countries saw over 2/3 carbon dioxide emission focus on public and private consumption fields like traffic and buildings, while over 70% carbon dioxide emission in China on industrial production field; low carbon transformation in developed countries are mainly focused on the emission reduction in consumption field, while China in industrial development field. Therefore, we shall combine the strategies and policies on response to climate change with that on domestic sustainable development. Such strategies and policies have nice synergistic effect with China's "Two-oriented Society", and shall be considered in a comprehensive way. At the same time, in order to develop green economy, we shall reduce routine pollutant emission, protect water resources, improve urban quality, solve urban traffic and garbage disposal problems, and guarantee harmonious development between current economic sustainable development and ecological environment protection. In the long term, we must highlight low carbon concept, strive for achieving modernization and sustainable development on the basis of low carbon emission, and guarantee close harmony between ecological environment protection and economic and social development and long-term global climate protection. Currently, China shall strengthen independent technology innovation, develop emerging low carbon industry, of which renewable energy development is a paramount direction of current technology innovation and future China's transformation to low carbon economy; in the short and middle term, we shall develop and spread energy-saving technology, and increase energy efficiency, decrease essentially GDP energy intensity and carbon intensity, while in the long term, we shall develop vigorously renewable energy and advanced nuclear power technology, promote energy substitution, optimize energy structure, develop Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS) technology; The object and concept of green and low carbon development will change the trend and appraisal standard of future technology development, and the rapid development of new energy and technology will mean new investment and new economic growth point. Low carbon energy and smart grid will become two strategic emerging industries, therefore, we shall seize the rapid development opportunity of low carbon technology in the globe, combine the national stimulation policy with enterprise conditions, strengthen independent technology innovation, establish core low carbon competitive power, strengthen planning and guide, push on low carbon industrial development in a rapid, orderly and healthy way, establish industry system and consumption pattern with low carbon features. Furthermore, we shall guide social consumption mode to transform to low carbon society, take into consideration different concepts like green economy, low carbon economy, circular economy, ecological economy, exert synergistic effect in different angles to promote sustainable development in China, and adhere to the low carbon development with Chinese characteristics in the course of response to global climate change.

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