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Congratulatory Letter by Abulaiti, Vice-Chairman of CPPCC

Date: Aug 10, 2010      Source: IEEPA      

Fellow Deputies, Friends!

On the occasion of the opening of the Third WEC in Beijing, I am honored to extend warm congratulation to all the guests present here.

In today's world, along with sharp population growth, expanding industrialization size, high development of economic and productive forces, environmental pollution and destroy to nature and ecology have become increasingly severe.

Environmental problem is one of the pressing challenges facing the world, as well as facing China. Environmental protection held an important position in the economic and social development. Good environment is a prerequisite for sustainable development in the future, and the new subject we are facing is to protect and improve ecological environment.

The Chinese government attached great importance to resource conservation and environmental protection, and took measures to push on the development in low carbon economic sphere, gradually enhance the support to energy conservation, environmental protection and new energy industries, positively foster new economic growth point.

I hope the conference, under the common efforts of each deputy, can further deepen communication and cooperation, give full play to the role of WEC, jointly promote the development and prosperity of environment and economy in China, and make greater contribution to the environmental protection undertaking and sustainable development in the globe.

In conclusion, I wish the Third WEC a complete success!

                                     Abulaiti Abudurexiti

                                                               July 29, 2010

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