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"2010 Beijing Declaration"

Date: Aug 10, 2010      Source: IEEPA      

Under the situation of rapid economic globalization, worldwide financial crisis and climate change, it is paramount for us to enhance communication, expand consensus, join hands and forces, take common action to respond to global challenge.

Hence, we, together with Top 100 China Driving Force Enterprises to World Environment and Low Carbon, made common announcement of "2010 Beijing Declaration" of the third WEC.

We Believe:

The key to global successful action is to conform to conditions of social development and ecological harmony, protect and improve ecological environment, expand development space of emerging industries, deepen investment and support measures in the fields of energy conservation, environmental protection, development and utilization of new and renewable energy.

We Appeal:

To various countries governments, NGOs, general public to take joint efforts and enhance cooperation, in more open and positive attitude, to create new situation of global cooperation in the fields of ecology, environmental protection and low carbon, making more contribution to ecological harmony and stability in the globe.

We Advocate:

NGOs of various countries, enterprises and individuals with advanced technologies commonly construct global platform for the transfer of energy conservation, environmental protection, low carbon technologies, push on the setup of "Green Technology Fund", promote non-government communication and exchange in a higher level and wider field.

We Expect:

The developed countries truly establish the concept of "global village" development, cast away political show, take action to assist developing countries in establishing sustainable development system; open mutual market without technology transfer barrier, promote green business, support developing countries with most favored and noncommercial conditions to respond to climate change, plan and implement pollution treatment project, maintain ecological environment.

We Hope:

We can work together to provide humanity with a more beautiful future, and a more beautiful earth, realizing the overall sustainable development between world environment and economy.

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