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Zhou Daoqiong: Development Mode to Low Carbon Economy is A Global Concept Involving in Production Model, Life Style and Value

Date: Aug 10, 2010      Source: IEEPA      

The World Economic and Environmental Conference
 (WEC), under the all-out support of different social circles, was successfully hosted in 2008 and 2009, played a positive role in guiding the world to develop low carbon economy, energy conservation environmental protection industry, winning the favorable comment by the United Nations, International Organizations concerned and different countries. The third WEC, just following Copenhagen Summit held at the end of last year, is a grand meeting where different countries commonly discussed scientific development of low carbon economy, respond jointly to global climate change. Today, government officials, business leaders, deputies and experts of energy conservation, environmental protection and new energy enterprises from all over the world gathered here to discuss on the development of environmental protection industry and response to the global climate change. As we all know, energy shortage and environmental pollution have become a key problem which restricted sustainable development of world economy, therefore, the various countries are making efforts to transform traditional industry with high energy consumption and heavy pollution, boost energy conservation development and reduce emission, realize sustainable development by way of low carbon, low emission economy.

Currently, various countries are making research on low carbon possibility and feasible execution channel. Our neighbor Japan, relying on long-term accumulation and technical advantage, has accumulated profound foundation on the development of new energy and renewable energy. China is a developing country and also the world's largest emitter. In the past, China has made outstanding progress in the regard of energy and environment, but there are many questions to solve, especially environmental pollution and energy shortage. Therefore, China's future direction will focus on low carbon development, constructing ecological and civil society, and development mode to low carbon economy is a global concept involving in production mode, life style and value. To this end, our conference organizers earnestly welcome everyone to carry out communication and discuss on green economy and sustainable development of low carbon economy, China's sustainable development strategy, emerging economic revolution and so on, making greater contribution for low carbon and green development in the globe.

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