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Mobilize General Public, Strengthen International Cooperation, Share Successful Experience of the Protection of Ecological Environment

Date: Aug 10, 2010      Source: IEEPA      

Concerning the protection of ecological environment, Jiang Zhenghua, Vice Chairman of the ninth and tenth National People’s Congress, indicated in his chairman’s report that government shall play a leading role in the aspect, shall establish multi-sector coordination mechanism, improve system, mobilize the general public, enhance public participation, share successful experience as well as strengthen international cooperation.

The details are shown as following:

1. Government Guide. As a general and global problem, environmental protection and ecological development shall be considered overall under the guidance of government.

2. Well-established System. We shall set up well-established system in the aspect of publicity, surveillance, standardization, rewards and punishments, so as to adjust benefit mechanism, ensuring that ecological protection investment can acquire corresponding rewards, ecological violation action can not gain benefit, or even receive punishment.

3. Social Support. A favorable social environment is key to solve ecological environment issues. We need the support of public opinion and mass society.

4. Public Participation. Environmental protection is closely connected with everyone, and the participation and concern of everyone are of vital importance. We shall encourage the public to participate in by means of media, mechanism and measures.

5. Sharing Experience. Lots of experience as well as lessons have been gained in the course of carrying on environmental protection work, we shall sum up seriously these experience, many of which are from practice and are hard-won.

6. International Cooperation. The ecological and environmental issue is by no means local or only related to one country, but a global one. We need mutual cooperation, mutual understanding and mutual coordination among all countries.

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