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Renewable Energy Supports China’s Future to Transform to a Low Carbon Economy

Date: Aug 10, 2010      Source: IEEPA      

China shall strengthen independent technology innovation, develop new low carbon industry, which serves as an important foundation for low carbon development, said He Jiankun, Deputy Chief of National Climate Change Committee, Deputy Chief of School Council of Tsinghua University, Chief of Low Carbon Energy Laboratory, Member of Senior Advisory Panel of Chinese Delegation at Copenhagen Summit. The development of renewable energy, as an important direction for technology innovation, played a key role in supporting China to transform to low carbon economy. We shall guide the transformation of consumption mode, give overall consideration of different concepts of green economy, low carbon economy, circular economy, ecological economy at a different angle, both domestic and overseas, short term and long term. We shall exert synergistic effect to promote sustainable development, make a low carbon road with Chinese characteristics in the process of response to global climate change.

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