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Expand Green Finance to Insurance, Securities and Fund Fields

Date: Aug 10, 2010      Source: IEEPA      

Zhang Qiong, Deputy Chief of the Committee for Social and Legal Affairs of CPPCC, Deputy Chief of Legal Affairs Office of the State Council, indicated in the Forum of Green Finance and Future Development: legal system played a crucial role in promoting and guaranteeing green finance development. We shall establish multi-sector cooperation system, jointly draw out elaborate and specific rules, clearly define the duty and labor division, realize multi-sector participation and cooperation, provide clear instruction in the financial support and limit industries, enhance the scientific nature, validity and maneuverability of legal system, form cohesive force on the administration of environmental protection; at the same time, the existing green finance was mainly manifested as green credit, namely, providing sole financial support for the development of green industry. Concerning the future system construction, we shall expand the concept of green finance to insurance, securities, and fund fields, achieving abundant and diversified development of green finance.

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