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The Third World Economic and Environmental Conference was held Successfully for the third consecutive year. Low Carbon Development Path was promoted as a future development path for China

Date: Aug 10, 2010      Source: IEEPA      

With the support of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), World Wide Fund For Nature (WWF), with the attendance of leaders of the National People's Congress (NPC), the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) and the State Council, as well as officials of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and UNEP, the third World Economic and Environmental Conference (WEC), sponsored by International Energy Conservation Environmental Protection Association (IEEPA), co-sponsored by China Society of Urban Economy, World Wind Energy Association, London Development Agency, the Affiliate of the International Chamber of Commerce in China, came to a successful closing on July 30, 2010 along with smooth completion of the subject discussion of each forum.

Over 1000 government officials, experts, scholars and entrepreneurs in the globe participated in the conference. Among them Mohammed Aslam, Minister of the Housing and Environment Ministry of Maldives, Joseph Strayer, Chairman of the National Science Energy Committee of Hungary, were the newcomers.  During the meeting emphasize was put on government agencies and non-government organizations (NGOs) to strengthen communication, make joint efforts to meet the global challenge. Governments shall play a leading role in this regard and establish effective market mechanisms to encourage the public to participate in. Developed countries shall afford capitals, technologies, as well as advanced experience to developing countries so as to establish sustainable development system based on ecological protection and low carbon mode; it was imperative to push on transnational low carbon technology transfer, co-operation and green business, to create new situation in the fields of ecological, environmental protection, low carbon by way of open, positive attitude and effective measures, so as to realize overall sustainable development between the environment and economy.

The guests from 20-odd countries attended the opening ceremony and relevant sub-forums, some of whom are leaders and officers of NPC, CPPCC, the State Council, China Security and Futures Regulation Commission, China Banking Regulatory Commission, state-owned enterprises, institutes and colleges, as well as over 100 overseas officers. The attendees, ranging from experts, scholars, NGO representatives, project directors, doctor-grade researchers, made the conference extensive and professional.

This conference, concerning the low carbon development mode in different countries, has made comparisons, analysis and carried out discussion on the relationship between energy conservation, emission reduction and economic development. Furthermore, the conference has expounded the conditions of combining theories provided by developed countries with practical situations in developing countries, laying solid foundation for settling disagreement and reaching consensus before the opening of the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Cancun, Mexico. The sub-forums focused on discussing new strategic industry development and policy supportive measures in China in terms of energy conservation, environmental protection and new energy. At the same time, some subject discussions in forums like the Forum of International Green Finance, Mayor Forum, Summit of China Energy Conservation Environmental Protection Industry Policy Analysis and Investment, Forum of World New Energy and Future Development, Forum of Low Carbon Economic and Technology Transfer International Cooperation, played positive role in promoting green finance and future development, regional economy and industry mix restructuring in China, increasing the proportion of green GDP in urban area, developing new energy, utilizing renewable energy, implementing low carbon technology international cooperation and transfer.

At five on the afternoon of July 30, along with the smooth completion of the Forum of Low Carbon Economy and Technology Transfer International Cooperation sponsored by London Development Agency (LDA), Peter Bidy, head of LDA, Shen Longhai, chairman of Energy Conservation Advisory Committee of IEEPA, Tanay Sidki Uyar, deputy chief of World Wind Energy Association, and Jon Li, secretary-general of IEEPA attended the closing ceremony and gave a speech.

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