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The Third World Economic and Environmental Conference was successfully held during the last weekend in July of 2010. The goal of promoting a low carbon economy and developing low c.. [Details]

Push Forward Low-Carbon Econom..

Abulaiti, Vice-Chairman of CPPCC, pointed out in his congratulatory letter: environmental protection played a pivotal role in the economic and social development. A good environment is prere..[More]

Mobilize General Public, Stren..

Concerning the protection of ecological environment, Jiang Zhenghua, Vice Chairman of the ninth and tenth National People’s Congress, indicated in his chairman’s report that government shall..[More]

The Development of a Green Eco..

For the developing countries, accelerating the development of green industry fits with consistent national economy development. The development of green economy, in essence, is circular econ..[More]

Develop Economy by Three Low S..

Cheng Siwei, Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of the ninth and tenth Chinese National People’s Congress, indicated in his lecture: in order to realize low carbon economic development,..[More]

The 3rd WEC is an Important In..

In the context of each nation’s efforts to response to new problems, new challenges by global climate change, the third World Economic and Environmental Conference (WEC) lost no time in goin..[More]

Renewable Energy Supports Chin..

China shall strengthen independent technology innovation, develop new low carbon industry, which serves as an important foundation for low carbon development, said He Jiankun, Deputy Chief o..[More]

Foreign Experience Shall Suit ..

Institutional problem exists in China, and some projects are not in line with the development need of China, therefore, China must adjust measures to local conditions in the course of learni..[More]

Subsidy Policy is a Low-effici..

If the government viewed subsidy policy as a leading measure to promote new technology, it would be an low-efficiency economic means, said Ms Ozdemir Oulu, a British Economic Consultant, as ..[More]

Develop and Utilize Green Ener..

It is necessary for developed, developing as well as emerging countries to make joint efforts to cope with global problems, and the existing disagreement shall be solved gradually, indicated..[More]

Expand Green Finance to Insura..

Zhang Qiong, Deputy Chief of the Committee for Social and Legal Affairs of CPPCC, Deputy Chief of Legal Affairs Office of the State Council, indicated in the Forum of Green Finance and Futur..[More]

Opening Ceremony

Main Forum: Expert Discussion

Global Economic Acceleration and Chinese Revolution as an Emerging Economy


Sub-Forum 3

Sub-Forum 4

Forum on World Top 500 Enterprise and Green Finance

Zhang Qiong, Deputy Chief of t..

Forum on World Top-500 Enterpr..

Sub Forum 5

Renewable Energy in China. Low Carbon Technology and Sustainable Energy.

Sub-Forum 5: On-the-site Dialo..

Sub-Forum 5: China Energy Cons..

Sub Forum 7

Low Carbon Economy and Technology Transfer International Cooperation

Sub-Forum 7: Low Carbon Econom..

Inhibit Carbon Emission and En..







Conference Closing Ceremony


Abulaiti Abudurexiti
Jiang Zhenghua
Cheng Siwei
Conference Advisor: ..
Academic Advisors: H..
Edward Clarence-Smit..
Zhang Qiong
Muhammad Aslam
Christie Werner
Ahmed Latheef
Gyula Fazekas
Wei Jianguo
Liu Yanhua
Zhou Daojiong
Cai Esheng
Jozsef Steier
Long Yongshu
Tanay Sidki Uyar
Steve Howard
Shen Longhai
Secretary General: J..
Peter Bishop
Peter Thong
Wang Yunlong
Huang Qijun
Guo Chuhan

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